Cathy Deep Brazilian Curls 100% Human Hair Blend Custom Wig/Free Shipping

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Color 4:
18 Inches

I love big hair, and  a lot of women do,  because it stands out.  This custom unit is beautiful, soft and have those deep curls.  The curls in this unit will come back after shampooing,  if the curls do loosen,  this unit takes heat well.   This unit is on a full lace cap with the adjustable straps in the back,  however,  this unit is on the wefts.  This unit do have a 6x5 closure,  and it was laced on both side to look more natural.  Oh did i say I love the color, because I do.


Hair Maintenance

Detangle form root to end before shampooing

Shampoo in lukewarm water in an up and down motion,  then rinse

Apply condition,  leave in 5 minutes,  then rinse

Let air dry

Apply a little oil sheen or wig spray for a fresher look



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