Erika Vanessa Nobi Remi 100% Human Hair Blend Custom Wig/Free Shipping

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Color 27:
10 Inches

The hair and color on this wig is amazing.  This unit is 10 inches for the ladies that love short straight hair.    The Vanessa Nabi Remi hair is just nice and it has a

nice side part.  This unit was created on our spandex stretchable that fits most heads, and allow air to the natural hair.  This unit is straight but can be curled by a

curling iron.


Hair Maintenance

Shampoo in lukewarm water in an up and down motion,  then rinse

Apply condition, leave in 5 minutes,  then rinse

Let air dry 

Apply a little oil sheen or wig spray for a fresher loo

Heat recommended 400 F