Goat Milk Skin Repair

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Goat milk soap is one of my favorite soap.  I love the creaminess of it, and it leathers well.  Goat milk contain alpha hydroxide  acid as lactic which removes dead skin cells from the surface.  This really leave new skin cells on the surface to give you younger looking skin.  This is one of the reasons I love this soap.  The  hydroxide acid breaks  down t e bond that hold dead cell s together and removing dead cells that will help  many skin irritant, which is why this is called a repair bar.   Goat milk also contain vitamin especially A which repair damage skin tissue  and maintain healthy skin.




Our goat milk also contain other valuable oils for the skin such as Vitamin E and olive oil,  including coconut oil.   This is a body bar which can be used on the face as well.   This soap repair your skin.