Melinda Full Lace 100% Raw Indian Human Hair Custom Wig/Free Shipping

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Color 1 B:
10 Inches

I love the thickness of this hair,  it reminds me of my sister's hair,  so naturally thick.  This is a 100 grams of hair,  and this is 100% raw Indian hair,  which mean it has not been processed with any chemicals.   This hair comes from one donor.  This is a full lace wigs and the cap fits most heads.  The elastic band method is  used with two combs in the back.   This wig is maintenance because it has not been processed,  but if you love short and natural looking hair,  then this unit is for you.


Hair Maintenance

Treat this hair as you would your own natural hair and care for it the same way  

Shampoo in lukewarm water in an up and down motion,  then rinse

Apply condition,  leave in 5 minutes,  then rinse

Let air dry or blow dry

Apply a little oil sheen or wig spray for a fresher look

Heat recommended is 420 F  Curling and flat irons will be great for this unit.