Shaw Essential Facial Care 5 Piece Set

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Shaw Gel Cleanser:
Shaw Firming Serum:
Shaw Moisturizing Protection:
Shaw Night Cream:
Shaw Toner:
Shaw Full Essential Package:

The Shaw Essentials great for daily products to have great and healthy skin.  These essential  are what the young ladies  need to get started with a daily regimen to have healthy skin.  Shaw Essential Skin Care  Line is a 5 piece daily regimen set to have and deep healthy and youthful skin.  These products are great for all skin types.  Products can be used AM/ PM and are Paraben free.


Shaw Gel Cleanser 4 oz  is a texture cleaner.  It removes makeup and deeply cleans clogged pores.  It soften and condition, as it cleans  normalize and balance the skin.  Ingredients  johobo oil, natural emollients and lubricant,  Avocado oils rich in Vitamin A & E to help provide antioxidants protection and condition of the skin form the sun.  How to use Gently massage into the skin. 


Shaw Toner 6 oz   W/Alpha Hydro acid.  This is a non drying alcohol free daily toner.   This tone exfoliates, clarifies and refines  leaving the skin clean and  fresh.   Ingredients:   Amica extract provide as a stimulating and antiseptic effect.  It has mixed fruit acid complex which is s naturally  derived skin exfoliate that clarifies and refines the skin.  Cucumber, witch hazel are all natural ingredients 


Shaw Firming Serum


Shaw Daily Moisture


Shaw Antioxidant Night Cream