Shawzae Hair Affair Salon Service

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Welcome to Shawzae Hair Affair salon services.   This is where you can order custom wigs,  book salon wig services and more.  You can book online at  or use our contact form.   


Q  &  A

1   How do your salon service work and what if we are in another state?

Clients contact us for a consultation as to what they want to have done with their wigs,  if they are local,  they can drop them off .  Clients that are out of state ship their wigs to us,  we complete the service that is requested,  and ship them back to them.  They get a photo of the finish product before it's shipped out.

2  How long do this salon process take?

We complete the service the same day wig is received,  and it's ready to be picked up or shipped out the next day. 

3   What services you offer?

We offer coloring,  cutting, styling,   wash and conditioning just like the natural hair in a regular salon. 

4   How do we pay for the services?

You pay a deposit depending on the service and it's trough Paypal.

5   How do we book online ?

Go to our website at   Call us 954-62-1982 for more questions


Note:  The $30 dollar is a deposit for these services:


We bring your  wig back to its glory by repairing lace wigs and traditional wigs

We also offer special service to your wigs such as styling, coloring and cutting


We  love wigs,  and want you to be happy with any of our wigs,  and we want you to be happy with your old favorite wig