Topper 4x4 Hair Accessory 100%Human Hair Blend Clip In

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14 Inches

Topper are trending for ladies with hair loss,  and alopeica including other hair issues,  however,  toppers can be used just for a pop of color.   This beautiful burgundy topper is 4x4 with 4 clips to secure it to the natural hair so that it will blend and look natural.  This topper can also be used on top of your favorite wig and even hair extensions.   You don't have to always use chemical to get color.   This is one of my favorite colors.  This topper is also  14 inches. 


Hair Maintenance

Shampoo in lukewarm water in an  up and down motion,  then rinse

Apply condition,  leave in 5 minutes,  then rinse

Let air dry

Apply a little oil sheen or wig spray for a fresher look

Heat recommended 400 F.   This hair hold heat well,  so you can use the flat and curling iron.