Trya 100% Brazilian Human Hair Custom Wig/Free Shipping

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Color 4:
14 Inches

This is a full lace custom wig.   This unit uses the elastic band method with two combs in the back.   This unit is full and the curls will return after shampooing,  this unit has natural curls.   I love this hair, and from experience this hair will last you a year or two.  I personally worn this hair for 8 months straight.  I did everything with this hair.  This is a 100 % Brazilian human hair.   This hair takes heat well so you can use your flat and curling iron. 


Hair Maintenance


Treat this hair as you would do  your natural hair, and care for it the same way

Shampoo in lukewarm water, in an up and down motion,  then rinse

Apply condition, leave in 5 minute, then rinse 

Let air dry or blow dry

Apply a little oil sheen or wig spray for a fresher look

Heat recommended 410  F